Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CPSIA - FOIA Request Relating to Schylling Penalty Assessment

I am making this document request pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and 16 CFR §1015. I would like to receive copies of all documents (written or electronic, including notes and staff briefing packages) relating to the provisional agreement between Schylling Associates, Inc. and the CPSC [CPSC Docket No. 10-C0004, published 75 FR 30785 (2010-6-2) (“May Agreement”) and any prior agreement between Schylling Associates, Inc. and the CPSC on the same matter. In particular, I am interested in any document which relates to objections to the original agreement between the parties dated January 19, 2010 ( (“January Agreement”) or which relates to the reasons for the increase in the penalty assessed in this case from the $200,000 amount in the January Agreement to the $400,000 in the May Agreement. Please accord this request “fast track” status.

In making this request, I note the following statement in 16 CFR §1015(b): “The Commission's policy with respect to requests for records is that disclosure is the rule and withholding is the exception. All records not exempt from disclosure will be made available. Moreover, records which may be exempted from disclosure will be made available as a matter of discretion when disclosure is not prohibited by law or is not against the public interest.”

My contact information is found below. Thank you for your cooperation.


Richard Woldenberg
Learning Resources, Inc.

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