Thursday, January 7, 2010

CPSIA - Republican Senators Call for CPSC Advice on Law Change

Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and Roger Wicker sent a letter today to Inez Tenenbaum asking for detailed recommendations on how to fix the CPSIA. You can see their letter here. In closing, they note:

"We all agree protection of our children is paramount. Congress can fix the CPSIA to ensure it accomplishes the safety intended without necessarily overburdening our economy. This can only be achieved with your assistance, the mandated detailed report to Congress, and increased transparency of your efforts to implement the law. We look forward to your report."

Amen, brother!

The Commission noted in its meeting yesterday that the agency has not been given much time to get this report done. In addition, there seems to be little consensus on the Commission on the content of the report. Finally, as you may have figured out by now, I think there may be some value in talking about the issues in an open meeting. . . . So I call on the CPSC to get this report RIGHT. Be late, if you must, but get the recommendations done properly. AND, I call on the Commission to reverse its partisan and ill-considered decision to forgo public debate on the content of this report. Let's learn from the lessons of Watergate and let the light shine in. Trust the public as they trust you, and let them hear you state your positions and work together as a Commission, not a collection of individuals.

It's time to step up to the challenge, guys.


Anonymous said...

AGREE, AGREE, and AGREE some more and more more !!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, LISTEN CPSC!!!

Ben said...

When I called Sen. Hutchison's office last month to ask about the followup she mentioned at the confirmation hearing, I was told she wasn't interested in pursuing it right now.

I'm glad to see it, but why the change of heart in just a few weeks time?

etienne said...

when people in power are refusing to open their deliberation to the public then something very wrong is at play.

whatever is going on at the CPSC and on the Hill on this issue, clearly someone or a group of people are either out of their league or playing with the rights of the US citizens to know why and who is making what decisions in our government.