Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CPSIA - Report on the CPSC's Recommended Changes to the Law

There has been an eery silence emanating from Bethesda over the upcoming report due to Congress on January 15 listing needed changes to the CPSIA. As you know, last week the Commission voted 2-2 to NOT discuss their report in front of you. So we'll get to see it when it's final, done and cannot be changed. The People Have Spoken!

Late last week, I published my recommended changes to the law and my list of other changes to process and procedure at the CPSC that I believe are necessary to restore rationality to the safety law governing children's product safety. It is important that you also express your views on this topic to the Commissioners. There isn't MUCH time left to influence the Commissioners but it's worth a try. You are welcome to use my list for inspiration or as a shortcut.

The Commissioners' email addresses are:

Inez Tenenbaum:
Robert Adler:
Thomas Moore:
Nancy Nord:
Anne Northup:

Thank you!

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