Friday, January 8, 2010

CPSIA - Anne Northup Calls for Your Ideas

In her blogpost of January 6, Commissioner Anne Northup asks that you send her your ideas on how to change the CPSIA. Her email address is

She, like Nancy Nord, offered her thoughts on the unfortunate snuffing of a five Commissioner discussion of these issues in her blog from this morning. I urge you to read it. These blogposts are apparently the venue that is being left to Nord and Northup to talk to you. As I have noted repeatedly, Commissioner Adler, the self-appointed Prince of "Darkness", has stated that we all "know" the views of the Commissioners through their blogs. That's all the Sunshine he has left for you.

So you better read their blogs.

Open government, you gotta love it. Shame we, the general public, aren't in charge anymore . . . .

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Ben said...

Just wondering. Where's Moore been? Hewasn't at this meeting or the last one I watched on the brass bushings ruling.