Thursday, January 7, 2010

CPSIA - Nancy Nord Isn't Being Squelched!

In yesterday's CPSC Commission hearing in which the Commission voted down (2-2) an open discussion of the CPSC's recommended changes to the CPSIA, the issue of minority "oppression" came up. Nancy Nord reminded her fellow Commissioners of their commitment to collegiality:

"[The Minority Commissioners] have followed the procedures that we all agreed to this past summer in order to try to get things on the agenda. I very distinctly remember a very spirited conversation that Commissioner Adler and I had where we expressed concern about whether the Minority would be able to get things on the agenda and I was assured that certainly we were not wanting to tamp down the Minority voice and things would be put on the agenda freely."

Bob Adler explained his great reluctance to engage in a "public debate" as he contends that a debate is inappropriate right now. In fact, he characterized it as a "waste of time". After all, he says "I know what you [Northup/Nord] believe . . . . but I think the positions at this point are pretty firmly set." As for the Minority's ability to participate meaningfully, he notes: "Lord knows, nobody's views are being squelched on this. We got months of separate statements, dissents, tweets, blogs, editorials. People's views are pretty clearly known." Hence, there is no point to putting discussion of the recommended changes to the law onto next week's public meeting agenda.

Mr. Adler neglected to mention the public's interest in this matter.

Referring to himself as the "Prince of Darkness", Adler signalled that his views would be unpopular. It was an ironic label in retrospect. As the Prince of Darkness, he seems to be the poster child for obstructing the spirit, if not the letter, of the Sunshine Act. A really lovely thing for an Obama Democrat to be known for. . . .

In any event, it appears that Mr. Adler feels that blogging is Nancy Nord's outlet for making herself known - to the Commission and to you. She accommodated him tonight with a very insightful blogpost entitled "Sunshine Doesn't Shine Through Closed Doors". I hope you will read it.

And if you don't read her blog, you won't know what Nancy Nord thinks. Inez Tenenbaum and the Prince of Darkness have seen to that.

[Ed. Note: There's still time to admit your error and change your mind, folks.]


jennifer said...

nancy nord is one of my hero's. she says it like it is and understands challenges and is realistic. i am so tired of this being political.

the democrats don't want to go on camera again because they look ridiculous in this argument thanks to the mr. waxman. on or off camera folks, we still get the real picture.

Paul said...

I find Chairperson Tenenbaum's logic to be equally entertaining.

She had to stay in the office until 9:00 on a night and cancel a trip which was planned 6 months ago in order to talk to other commissioners to upholding her responsibility to serve the nation.

What a huge and noble sacrifice!

9:00 o'clock!! I can't hardly imagine, less to say it out aloud.

Yet, she couldn't find an hour or two, (ok may be three or more) to discuss this very important subject publicly?

Dear Bob and Inez, why not do it in Public? Hasn't anyone ever told them that they have this camera face or charm for TV.

jennifer said...

9:00pm? horrors. let them be a business owner for a day having to deal with the cpsia...catching up on cpsia updates are usually part of the midnight snack routine for most of us.