Monday, January 4, 2010

CPSIA - Mike Green Attacks Anne Northup in WSJ

In Thursday's Wall Street Journal, Mike Green of the notorious Center for Environmental Health, a known Proposition 65 bounty hunter, attacked Commissioner Anne Northup for her criticisms of the CPSIA:

"Anne Northup notes that the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) passed with bipartisan support, so it is surprising to see her partisan attack on this children's health protection law ("There Is No Joy in Toyland," op-ed, Dec. 24). She states that lead in metals used in children's products is not "bioavailable," and thus cannot harm children. This will come as a shock to Juanna Graham, whose son died after swallowing a metal charm. At least eight other children have suffered lead poisoning after sucking on or swallowing small lead pieces from toys or jewelry.

Ms. Northup also errs in stating that lead is not absorbable in materials other than paint. Over the past five years we have found high levels of lead in numerous vinyl children's items, including baby bibs, lunchboxes, rain gear, toys, and others. Independent lab tests showed that lead in these products can wipe off and expose children to unsafe levels of lead.

Michael Green
Executive Director
Center for Environmental Health
Oakland, Calif."

This is nonsense, of course. It is very important to leave comments on this misleading and manipulative letter at the website. If you click at the link above, you will see a block to leave a comment. I left one and you should, too.

Thank you.

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