Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CPSIA - Educational Company Woes under the CPSIA

Michael Warring, President of American Educational Products, was quoted in the Nov/Dec issue of NSSEA Essentials in an article called "Realities of the Recession" as follows:

"The resources that we have to invest to comply with CPSIA are truly wasted. The human cost is incredible, never mind the waste of physical and cash resources. I anticipate that CPSIA will generate four to eight hours a year of work for every product that we sell - we will be measuring it in man-years. Existing regulations prior to CPSIA were adequate, and like many regulatory requirements, only needed adequate funding to be completely effective. The timing could not have been worse for our industry."

. . . .

"As mentioned before, CPSIA has had a significant impact on our business. Every second is spent addressing our customers' concerns, working with our suppliers to meet requirements. I personally have spent at least about 30 percent of my time this year (on CPSIA) in one form or another. As president of the company, I should be investing my energy (on other things)."

Mike, I feel your pain!


cmmjaime said...

And then there are the really small companies who just can't afford to comply, and will cease making children's products completely because of CPSIA. The loss to our children is incalculable!

jennifer said...

no kidding...i never in a million years thought i would personally have to spend so much time figuring out how to comply with a bad law. last week i could not believe the cpsc commented that they have only heard from the HTA regarding the stay...EVEN IF THAT STATEMENT WAS TRUE the HTA is representing almost 400 companies - that is nothing to sneeze at either. most people i know don't have the time to continually beg the cpsc to help them with this nightmare. writing, trying to speak with, trying to get our point across, and begging for meetings at the CPSC isn't what we do on a full time basis. We run businesses where we design, create, make, and sell safe products.

Exactly how many times do they want us to explain this to them at the CPSC? Maybe we should hire a truck to hand deliver all the letters and correspondence all of us have written to them and members of congress (instead of Miracle on 34th Street we could call it Miracle on 4330 East West Highway)

this is real - we wouldn't create such a nightmare for ourselves.