Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CPSIA - Finally . . . Some Good News About Safety

GREAT NEWS! Apple is apparently "looking into" the issue of exploding iPods and iTouches after the EU gave them a poke. Boy, is that reassuring! The CPSC apparently has 800 pages of documents in its files about exploding Apple music devices. The CPSC, however, was so busy looking into whether ballpoint pens and rhinestones are always lead-free, approving the informal recall of Potato Clocks, okaying Palladium, Ruthenium and recycled nuclear fuel rods for use in children's products, etc. that it didn't have time to focus on exploding iPods. Understandable. Good thing the EU has some time on its hands. I certainly look forward to hearing more about how Apple's "look-see" is going. Obviously, this is no emergency requiring "vigorous enforcement" like the CPSIA.

Balance and equity, those are hallmarks of the new law and the new CPSC. I can't wait for the CPSC to ramp up their port inspections - gotta stop those dangerous rhinestones at the border. Apple's got that iPod thing in its sights and will probably send the agency a letter about it sometime, so it's "all systems go" for the CPSC to pursue the "real" safety issues like lead substrates testing and tracking labels . . . .


jennifer said...

5 commissioners only seems to equal more paperwork to read, not improve safety. this is the change we were to believe in apparently.

Melanie said...

Just wait until they pass cap & trade...and then they mandate that everyone must use those new energy efficient light bulbs! (it is in the house bill that has already passed).
Has anyone other than me noticed they have a warning on them that they contain MERCURY???? So...I'm guessing after they pass Cap & Trade, now we won't be able to have any light fixtures or lamps in our children's rooms? Hmmm...isn't mercury even more dangerous than lead???? Just a thought...our government is out of control...period.