Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CPSIA - The CPSC Will Love This Jewelry

I was walking down the street this weekend and stumbled across a jeweler advertising Palladium. This was too good to be true, of course, because as we all know, this is a CPSC-blessed metal. Palladium, known to be capable of being harvested from nuclear fission, somehow earned the distinction of appearing on the list of CPSC-approved metals not requiring lead testing under the CPSIA.

Ever curious, I entered the store to see their stash of Palladium. I wanted to see what super-safe looks like. The two employees seemed mystified about my interest and after consultation among themselves, decided that there was only one piece of Palladium jewelry in the store. The earrings are shown here, fittingly beside a microscope. No doubt the dutiful store employees were carefully examining the trinkets for possible lead contamination. These earrings have stones in them, and luckily, the stones were ALSO on a list approved by the CPSC. No "dangerous" rhinestones, crystals or glass beads in this treasure, no - the earrings featured super-safe sapphires. Imagine my relief and joy!
For those used to spending $12.95 for similar earrings at Claire's Boutique, these baubles may seem a bit pricey. Okay, expensive . . . but safe. Actually, I am not entirely sure how expensive they are. The store employees told me that the price list for them was $1375 BUT they were certain the price was . . . low. No one was quite sure how to price the rare Palladium. Let's figure $2,000 just for kicks.
Remember, no price is too high for safety . . . . I am sure this thought will bring us comfort as our businesses crater.

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