Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CPSIA - Fox Business Interview of RW on CPSIA

789 days have passed since ANY Democrat in Congress did ANYTHING to help us on the CPSIA. There are only 21 days left until Election Day.

I was interviewed on Fox Business Bulls and Bears Show today to discuss CPSIA. In particular, I noted the high cost of testing and the low potential payback in avoided injuries. Loyal readers, you've heard it all before. I also note that the pending paper deluge in Obamacare will add to the misery.

Help me . . . on November 2nd. Please!


Michael said...

Outstanding work to finally get a little air time buzz on this thing, Rick.

Thanks for having the courage and tenacity to stay in the game and keep pushing back. The legislative branch was spineless when CPSIA was put through and they are spineless now - no courage to stand up and say "I'm for 'child safety' I'm not for being stupid about it". Even an ounce of business sense applied at the time CPSIA was put together could have produced a law palatable to all groups - not that a new law was needed, just funding of enforcement efforts on the existing CPSA regulations could have covered this. Anyway, thanks for continuing to take the point position on this issue.

bchiasson said...

I have loathed the right-wing media for the past decade because of their arrogance towards anyone who did not support our last president, despite his clearly demonstrated incompetence. The right-wing media's blathering was nauseating. Now, I have to admit I am more nauseated by the current administration's utter lack of commonsense and total disregard for small business. I do not own a business, but I am responsible for preserving the livelihood of 140 employees whose jobs are threatened by too much government involvement. Congress and the President claim to be pro-job creation, yet their actions are killing jobs at a feverish pace. Thank you, Rick, for fighting what is seemingly an uphill battle.