Friday, August 13, 2010

CPSIA - Perpetrators of CPSIA Feel the Heat

Could we get this lucky? One of the Senators responsible for the penal phthalates ban in the CPSIA and a big CPSIA advocate, Barbara Boxer, seems to be fading in her effort to hold her "safe" seat in California. See "Poll: Fiorina beating Boxer in California". In another CA race involving a featured performer in this space, Jerry Brown (Democratic candidate for governor) is in a dead heat with Meg Whitman. Mr. Brown has already occupied the CA governor's mansion once before. This race is all about whether California voters learned their lesson last time.

Mr. Brown distinguished himself this week by suing bouncy house operators for lead-in-vinyl at the urging of the offensive Center for Environmental Health, bringing yet more prestige to the Golden State: "Jerry Brown: California's top bouncy house cop saves the day" ("L'Affaire Bouncy partially explains why Jerry has been slowly unveiling his gubernatorial campaign and positions: He's been busy investigating this insidious scourge of California's families. Fight on, Attorney General, fight on! UPDATE: Spotting the hanging curve ball out over the plate, Team Whitman has quickly assembled and lawyered a response to the L'Affaire Bouncy, as if it needed one: 'There's something very ironic about Jerry Brown, of all people, investigating the combination of hot-air and make-believe,' says Whitman spokesperson Sarah Pompei said.").

I hate to be out-quipped but gotta hand it to the Whitman folks, that's solid.

Of course, our dear Democratic leaders from California are also the innovative developers of the "Green Chemistry" initiative that will require that we all send in chemical analysis of all of our products for the state's approval and remediation. This bonanza for safety has the potential to drive our company out of the CA market for good. California is the fifth largest economy in the world - we don't want to leave it. The LA Times has consoled me with their assurance that we will all save money in medical expenses. We have descended into LaLa Land.

I remain stunned over this succession of deadly legislation all in a row. Even more shocking is how the Dems puzzle over WHY people are so angry about persistent unemployment or a lack of investment by business. Go figure.

Personally, I am cheering in all the races involving the principals behind the CPSIA, hoping for some additional unemployment in those districts (one job loss per district). In some cases, I am doing more than cheering. If you are also fed up and can't go forward this way any longer, I URGE you to take dynamic steps to take back YOUR nation. These folks don't own the place - you do.

Stay tuned!

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Mars Feeney said...

I am a lifelong Democrat in Barbara Boxers district. Though not a big fan of hers I have always voted for her in the past. NEVER AGAIN! Nor will I vote for Jerry Brown. And though I used to like Diane Feinstein I could not vote for her now either.

The kicker for me, a Democrat for over 30 years, is that the Democrat backers of the CPSIA have not had the spine or integrity to actually face the criticisms of this law. They don't seem so much to be standing behind this law as hiding behind it - hiding behind "it's for the children". If they truly believe in this law then why do they not have the wherewithal to face its critics directly.

I think the reason is obvious - the CPSIA cannot be supported by rational argument, it simply wouldn't stand up to it.

How can it make sense that brass is toxic to children while no one can point to a single case of lead poisoning caused by it. And yet having decided that brass is toxic to children how can they then allow the exemption of children's brass instruments based on the pretend reason that, supposedly, children don't actually use them much! My brother-in-law is a grade school music teacher and I've seen his kids march - they did not learn to play like that by not using those instruments.

So which do suppose it is? Brass IS toxic to children but we have Congresses blessing to poison our children with musical instruments. Or brass IS NOT toxic to children? In which case the CPSIA is largely a sham.

Monty Python could not come up with such absurdity!