Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CPSIA - Cadmium Law Rammed Through in California

741 days have passed since ANY Democrat in Congress did ANYTHING to help us on the CPSIA. There are 70 days left until Election Day.

California State Senator Fran Pavley (hope you're sitting down, she's a Dem) rammed through the latest in state cadmium regulations, setting a 300 ppm limit on cadmium in children's jewelry. This law, if signed by the CA Governor, will enable a barrage of lawsuits by consumer groups feeding off this kind of CA legislation. Zero lives will be saved, but plenty of jobs will be lost. We are already hearing of companies that are pulling out of California and more will follow. The craziness in California is basically unbearable at this point.

What really steams me about this law is Pavley's VERY OWN PRESS RELEASE. Consider these quotes:

"Senator Pavley (D-Santa Monica) . . . is seeking a ban on the dangerous metal cadmium after learning that manufacturers are simply replacing lead with cadmium. 'Cadmium is a known cancer causing agent and there is no reason for our most vulnerable citizens - our children - to be exposed to this highly toxic metal,' said Senator Pavley. 'These manufacturers are replacing one toxic metal for another when less toxic alternatives like zinc are available. It’s completely irresponsible to use cadmium in jewelry marketed to children.'"

"As an Assembly member in 2006, Pavley authored a law to ban the use of hazardous levels of lead, a powerful neurotoxin, in children’s jewelry. . . . However, a loophole in the law has allowed jewelry makers to substitute cadmium. Recent laboratory reports in the United States are now showing that the heavy metal cadmium is being used in place of lead. 'It’s a shame that jewelry makers are using a loophole in the law to harm our children,' said Senator Pavley. 'There is absolutely no excuse for manufacturers to use this dangerous agent in products for kids.'"[Emphasis added]

Let's be clear about something - there is absolutely no publicly available information to suggest that anyone is substituting cadmium for lead in jewelry (or in any other children's product). That's pure urban legend. If there is such evidence, someone should put the evidence up for all to see. This is a LIE - during election season. Shocked? I'm not . . . I live in Illinois.

I have already thoroughly covered the fact that there are NO KNOWN CASES of cadmium poisoning in children from any consumer product - EVER. This makes me surmise that Ms. Pavley is either stupid or she's a liar. One thing's for sure, she doesn't know what she's talking about. But I'm sure her message of crisis "averted" is a good seller back in Santa Monica.

Oh, by the way, did you catch her recommendation that zinc be substituted for cadmium because it's so much safer? Certainly we can trust the esteemed Ms. Pavley, a world-renowned toxicologist and metallurgist, right? Ummm, well, what about zinc poisoning? It's pretty icky - here's what you get with Ms. Pavley's preferred way to kill kids:

• Body pain
• Burning sensations
• Chills
• Collapse
• Convulsions
• Cough
• Fever
• Low blood pressure
• Metallic taste in mouth
• No urine output
• Rash
• Shock
• Shortness of breath
• Vomiting
• Watery or bloody diarrhea
• Yellow eyes or yellow skin

Hey, this sounds much better than cadmium poisoning. Of course, neither will ever occur in children because of their contact with children's products. After all, no one's ever had the cadmium poisoning California wants to prevent. If no one's ever had it . . . do we need to change anything to prevent it in the future? Do we need to know anything to make this judgment?

Nahhhh - besides I love zinc convulsions!

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