Monday, August 1, 2011

CPSIA - The Senate Moves In the Direction of the House Bill

Confidential discussions are underway for Senate Democrats to accept the House bill amending the CPSIA which passed today 421-2.  The pressure being applied relates to the consequences on U.S. retailers from the retroactive application of the 100 ppm lead standard. If the House bill is accepted by the Senate Dems, it will no doubt be hotlined for quick passage by voice vote, and then this ugly process will be over. With the pending exclusion under the bill of ATV's, bikes and books (the chosen winners, including the remarkable free pass on metal component testing by bicycle manufacturers), the rest of us (the chosen losers) will remain under the thumb of both the CPSIA and the Dem-controlled CPSC.  I would note that we, the chosen losers, are no doubt the people Inez Tenenbaum refers to as "certain cynical special interests".  If you disagree with her agenda, you must be a "cynical special interest", it seems to me.  Thanks to Jan Schakowsky for this nifty idea!

I was asked earlier today if I supported the House bill (which subsequently passed 421-2).  I replied that the bill is good for us, but not good enough.  It does not address the big issues imperiling companies like ours, and furthermore, incorporates ineffective provisions on several fronts which are only there to bolster Dem chances for reelection.  That said, I advised supporting the bill because frankly what choice did we have anyway?  The impact of this bill, I noted, is like being offered a better cell in jail.  You gotta take it, if only for the view.

But you're still in jail all the same.

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