Thursday, June 9, 2011

CPSIA - Fools in Charge

So happy to be so safe . . . and so unemployed!

Today's initial jobless claims report is yet ANOTHER report card on the dense and unthinking approach to economics implemented by Mr. Obama, Mr. Waxman and their Dem minions since the 2008 election.  A full three years after the economic cataclysm, and with a diminishing ability to blame this misfortune on someone else, the Dems stubbornly stick to their over-regulation agenda dooming Americans to safe, safe unemployment.  Can't be too careful, you know.

The CPSIA is the poster child for the Nanny State.  Mr. Obama told David Letterman on September 21, 2009 that the national problem he had to fix was that we had "too little government, too little regulation". Our industry has become a classic example of the cure being worse than the disease.  The story has been told again and again.  For instance, the CPSC heard (and promptly ignored) at its February 16th hearing from a representative of the bicycle industry, all the small bicycle manufacturers have left the children's market and the big makes of bikes have sharply cut their product lines.  They also informed the CPSC that if the 100 ppm lead standard comes into force, the rest of the bikes will disappear from the market.  Quite a stimulus plan - you can imagine all the jobs this useful plan has created.  Other consequences is a general reduction in choice and availability in child-size bikes, which not only punishes families but also retailers.

Do any of the numskulls running our safety apparatus have evidence that any child has EVER been poisoned by lead-in-substrate from a bike?  No, they don't - because there is no evidence that any child was ever injured by lead-in-substrate anywhere using any product at any time.  Did you realize that one of the big problems in making a bike comply with this moronic law is that bikes use recycled steel for the frames - and the law provides that paint does not constitute a "barrier" over the steel.  The lead content of recycled steel is hard or impossible to consistently control at the levels dictated by the law.  The industry representative submitted testimony and evidence to the CPSC (consistent with evidence I have also supplied) showing that tests on the SAME PART in ten places yields ten different lead contents. 

This law is killing jobs, products, companies and markets.  The evidence and data is right there for any thinking individual to read and consider.  The true believers stand in the way of rationality.

Please send Mr. Waxman and Mr. Obama a thank you note for the weak, sinking economy.  They have CHOSEN this path of Nanny Statism to keep you "safe" although they really can't demonstrate you were ever unsafe or that you needed this further protection.  If you are one of the unlucky 9.1% who can't find a job, perhaps you will take some comfort in knowing that your Dem-led government made this choice for you.  Safe but unemployed - that's what you need, what you want, what you got.  The best government money can buy . . . .

The solution to fools in charge is to amend the CPSIA and restore sanity in safety administration.  PASS ECADA AND END THE CPSIA CHARADE!

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