Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CPSIA - How to Know if the CPSC is Going to Pull a "Daiso" on You

What are the warning signs that you are about to be "Daiso'ed"?

Of course, I refer to the CPSIA penalty recently inflicted on Daiso, a Japanese dollar store chain, in relation to five recalls (of 698 units spread over 19 items in a two-year period) and some inventory stopped at U.S. ports. The Daiso penalty, in case you missed it, was a mere $2.05 million in small bills, about 10% less than Mattel suffered for inciting the CPSIA and nearly double the penalty inflicted on RC2 who also gave a helping hand to bringing the CPSIA to life.

OMG, this could happen to you and me, too! How can we tell if we have wandered into such treacherous waters? I suggest that you use this handy chart denoting the stages of anger at the CPSC. Of particular concern are "Masked Anger" and "Retaliatory".

If they ever get to "Explosive", it's time to mortgage the house. I think a garage sale might just inflame things further . . . .


kathleen said...


Heaven forbid this bear fruition but Burlington Coat Factory has been the retailer holding the goods on so many banned goods that they could singularly inspire Congress to change the CPSIA to levy sanctions against retailers. BCF is easily number one, it's not even a fair fight, 14 (more?) recalls since November. Yep, BCF is dedicated to cornering the market on children's garments with drawstrings. Iow, BCF could conceivably become the Mattel/RC2 of CPSIA-Retail.

Anonymous said...

Related to an earlier post regarding Adler's commentary on CPSIA where he dismissed reports of CPSIA effects as anecdotal I couldn't help but point out a comment on Michelle Malkin's blog that is so very true:

On March 12th, 2010 at 10:31 am, Dimsdale said:
If Republicans used one of these “human shields”, they would claim that it was “anecdotal information”, and had no relevance to reality.