Thursday, July 16, 2009

CPSIA - John Stossel and The Washington Times Chime In

John Stossel and The Washington Times published biting indictments of the ridiculous CPSIA today. The title of the WT article says it all: "Lead in the Head". You betcha.

Hey, did anyone notice the tracking labels guidance today? I didn't. So we wasted yet another day while secret deliberations were conducted by the CPSC Commission about the future of our businesses. Welcome to outcast status.

As noted, the vote on the super-secret guidance is set for Monday, July 20th, leaving a pathetically meager 24 days for integration of this dramatic requirement into our businesses before tracking labels become law. Hope you weren't planning a summer vacation this year! Who on Earth would go away for two weeks in the middle of this artificial crisis with such urgent work to do? As I have mentioned, a failure to follow these rules TO THE LETTER would constitute a knowing, intentional violation of the CPSIA - uh-oh, a felony and that means possibly rooming with Mr. Madoff! The tracking labels guidance will create winners and losers, and is guaranteed to create instantaneous chaos in the marketplace. A vacation would be utterly irresponsible in the middle of all this, wouldn't it? I imagine the CPSC and the Commissioners in particular must really feel our pain - the summer only comes along once a year, the kids are out of school and it's the annual great opportunity to be together as a family - but because of the late arrival of tracking labels guidance and the failure of the Commission to grant a stay, I guess we are all supposed to stop living to avoid going to the pokey. Something's not right with this picture. It feels somehow . . . open, transparent and collaborative.

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