Thursday, June 18, 2009

CPSIA - Walter Olson's Update

Walter Olson, the proprietor over at, has been covering the CPSIA with distinction since the beginning. I always enjoy reading Walter's column, and learn a lot in the process. [Full disclosure, Walter reads my blog, too, and links to it.] He just posted an update that was laden with great links and lots of useful information. I found the topics enraging all over again.

Many aspects of this self-induced crisis are outrageous and cause me to have blood pressure incidents, but I cannot honestly think of anything more offensive than the impact of this stupid law on books. Walter provides yet more data that proves conclusively that books are being thrown away and that libraries are restricting access to books, all because of the genius law CPSIA. Tossing books away, restricting access to books and information, is antithetical to a society based on Freedom of Speech. It also happens to be a sin, not to make too big of a point of it. How would you feel if the law resulted in book burning? Isn't that a hot button in civilized societies? To me, book burning brings to mind Nazi Germany, not exactly a high point in the history of civilization. Someone please explain to me the difference between book burning and mass book discarding. Oh yeah, book burning is worse for Global Warming. Golly, Congress thinks of everything!

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