Sunday, April 5, 2009

CPSIA - All Power to the CPSIA!

A friend of mine sent me the following interpretation of the CPSIA, a little tongue-in-cheek. I have telling people for weeks now - you can pick your conspiracy theory to explain the CPSIA and the current goings-on in Washington. Consider my friend's POV an option for you Conspiracy Theorists. And for the rest of you, please enjoy the irony.



As a retailer shouldn’t I now be saying to the child caring public at large that according to Congress, who of course knows everything there is to know, that all the toys, bikes, books etc. in everyone’s home are now unsafe, in fact they may kill your child, therefore:

“Throw it away” and “Don’t wait – do it now! – don’t leave your child at risk!!” So now you have an empty house and you need to buy everything all over again.

“Don’t let your child grow up to be ignorant – buy a book, after all you haven’t got many any more!”
“Is your child bored – buy him/her a toy today, after all you haven’t got any any more!”
“Is your child getting enough exercise – buy a bike, after all you haven’t got one any more”

and so on and so on…….!

In one fell swoop we have resolved the recession, helped all the big makers of these items whose taxable profits from this will help Obama give even more money to the banks and will have given our waste disposal workers and landfill operators enough work to last for years which means they will have to recruit thereby solving any unemployment problems!

“All power to the CPSIA”

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