Sunday, March 15, 2009

CPSIA - Caption Contest

Here are a couple lovely CPSIA images, please supply your best captions. Some ideas are shown below the images.

Image no. 1:
a. Bottom's up, Congress!
b. What! I'm not supposed to eat my bike parts?
c. The Axles go best with a nice Merlot. . . .
Image no. 2:

a. Another clear case of Lead Poisoning. Call the CPSC!
b. Tell me again, why are you so sure this is lead poisoning?
c. But the CPSIA wasn’t designed to protect you against freezing to death.


Anonymous said...

Image 1:

Don't give me chicken nuggets, french fries, or soda! I prefer tire stems, wheels, and bike handles.

Image 2:

Our XRF gun shows no lead poisoning from chewing on that snow machine. Must have been the 1975 books you ate for lunch.

Louise-OSET said...

Image one;
Johnny, there is less absorbable lead in those brake levers than in regular food and water, so eat up.
I'm trying to protect you as any good Mother should!
(This isn't particularly funny I know, but it is actually true. Ban food and water instead of bikes)

Anonymous said...

Image #2
Flick, I told you tongues stick to lead no matter the temperature.

Anonymous said...

Consumers Union Test Subject: Forseeable Use Study, Day Six

CPSIA Snow Syndrome: underdressed kid meets unreliable, lead-free engine.

me said...

hahahahahaha, i love valerie's.

nice captions, folks. i'm just not witty enough to come up with any.

Lora said...

image 1

Look - if I won't eat my peas, what makes you think I'd eat toys, books, bikes, clothes...

Lora said...

image 2

Yes, I remember reading in the New York Times that lead, when reaching sub zero temperatures, will actually attract your tongue to it like a magnet!