Friday, March 4, 2011

CPSIA - Our Worst Nightmare: A Recall Involving Spiders!

In a shocking development, Mazda yesterday recalled 65,000 cars in North America because of spiders in the gas tank. Talk about hidden hazards! Lenore Skenazy pointed out in a recent article that five Americans die because of spider bites every year. And cars are coated in lead paint, to boot. Obviously, cars are just too dangerous to be on U.S. roads. Thank heavens Mazda took decisive action before tragedy struck. . . .

Needless to say, it is only a matter of time before Rep. Henry Waxman calls for hearings to interrogate Mazda management. Did they check the electronics? No, Mazda blamed the drivers for the spiders. . . . And what if Senator Dick Durbin reads about these spiders in the Chicago Tribune over breakfast? I can see another letter coming. And who will Dick Durbin write? The current Administrator of NHTSA is David Strickland, formerly the senior Senate staffer largely responsible for the Senate's role for creating our beloved CPSIA. Check out Rep. John Dingell's "gushing" remarks about the contribution of the Senate to that great legislative achievement. Durbin and Strickland, that "A Team" will get it done for the American public!

Spiders, cars and lead paint. It's a consumer advocate's worst nightmare. This requires a LEGISLATIVE SOLUTION, guys!

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